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Montessori Puzzle Map


Our daily program is based on the Montessori Early Years Learning Program which combines both the Montessori approach and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). On a daily basis each EYLF outcome is being addressed and put into practice. Below indicates how:

  • Being outdoors – This allows for each child to be an active and healthy participant while in our care environment.

  • Providing literacy opportunities – Communicating through expressive and written language.

  • Providing Numeracy opportunities – Through understanding the value of the number system.

  • Providing Cultural opportunities – Through discovering the world we live in.

  • Providing Sensorial experiences – Preparing the child for intelligent observation.

  • Providing Practical Life experiences – By preparing the hands and mind to work toward independent thought and action.

  • Providing Social and Emotional opportunities – By learning to be socially responsible and competent.

Montessori in action


These have been developed over many years and correspond with modern developments in education.  They are attractively presented and have specific attributes. Most are self-correcting, focus on isolating one concept and are designed for specific sensitive periods in the development of the child. These materials are displayed in distinct areas within the school.

Our environment is rich in language, both oral and written. The sandpaper alphabet introduces phonetic sounds and leads to early writing and reading.

Children have the opportunity to explore both concrete and abstract concepts of numbers, initially to 10 and then to 9999. Many of our four year old children take delight in adding and subtracting four figure numbers which involve carrying. These materials also encompass geometry, measurement and time.

These, materials are designed to increase the child’s independence, promote skills development and foster an awareness of their environment. This area most closely relates to the “home corner” in a traditional child care centre. The difference is that the Montessori practical life area uses real rather than pretend equipment.

We know that children learn with their hands. Consequently, all Montessori materials are hands on. This section in particular utilises all of the senses to develop basic concepts such as dimension, colour and sound.


This area is designed to increase the skills necessary for a child to become creative and extend fine motor development.  Many Montessori activities are always available to be interacted with, and in addition there are daily ad hoc art and craft activities for the children to enjoy.

These are very important aspects of Montessori education with children having daily experiences involving these subjects. We have a broad range of percussion instruments and encourage parent musicians and others to play for our children. Science is part of our ongoing program and is often directed by the children’s interest.

Our outdoor area is attractive, well shaded and well equipped with a natural feel. We have a large undercover area for children to engage in activities, eat meals and for wet days. Outdoor options range from individual or group spontaneous play, to intentional teaching opportunities.

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