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About Us


The Coffs Harbour Montessori Preschool and the Jetty Montessori Preschool are locally owned and family operated long day care services.  With a focus on providing quality natural care and a fun educational learning environment, our services are sure to please even the most curious little minds.  By adopting the philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori, the Nationwide Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards, we are able to ensure the very highest standards of care and support for all families.

The Montessori philosophy believes we should pursue a child’s individual interests, encouraging the child to gain an early enthusiasm for learning and in turn becoming a truly educated person. Through “following the child”, recognising learning and responding to the developmental needs of children, our highly skilled educators are able to better support the needs of each individual child.  With a strong emphasis on natural and healthy living, some of the areas of interest within Montessori include practical life, sensorial, reading and writing, mathematics, geography, science, art, craft and music.

The Montessori Team would love for you to come and visit one of our beautiful services, to see what we can offer to you and your child.

"My 4 children have all attended or are currently attending Montessori preschool. The team are fun, friendly and caring.  If you are looking for a preschool where your child will thrive in a nurturing environment, then this is the preschool for you."  Nalia Kirkaldy 
"Finding someone to look after the most valuable little people in our lives is no easy task, and Montessori Preschool went absolutely above and beyond all my expectations in loving, caring for and educating my children. All of the staff are incredibly professional, while still remaining personable, kind and easy to approach. My two boys had the most wonderful Montessori journey and often still talk about their time there and the wonderful teachers who became their friends and mentors.  Enrolling them into Montessori was the best decision I’ve made as a parent, enabling them to build a solid foundation for their future growth and love of learning."  Rochelle Martin
"From the first moment I set foot in the Coffs Montessori Preschool and met the staff, I knew it was the right choice for our family.  My kids have thrived and continue to thrive on the child led learning philosophy and I am always greeted by happy kids at pick-up who have had a fantastic day with the wonderful educators there.  I am now lucky to have these educators as lifelong friends and would happily recommend this amazing preschool to everyone!"  Bianca Hensman 
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